Welcome to the Internet page of AG Urodela!

The AG Urodela is a working group of the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde e.V.” (DGHT)), which deals with newts and salamanders. The goal of the AG is to collect and share experiences with keeping and breeding newts, as well as to share scientific findings and field studies and thus to protect and maintain this class of animals and their habitats.

In this spirit the AG has launched the newt register in 2001, an instrument which operates independently and successfully conservation breeding, especially of endangered species.

The beginnings of the AG are in the “Salamander”, an organization of scientists and enthusiasts, who dealt with amphibians. The “Salamander” was founded already in the 1920s by Willy Wolterstorff. The current AG Urodela was founded in 1989 in Gersfeld near Fulda.

There is also taking place the annual AG meeting every October, where the enthusiasts, amateur herpetologists and scientists from many European countries get together. Today, the AG has more than 130 members.

If you need more information, please contact the head of the AG, his deputy or the head of the newt register (addresses see Impressum).

If you want to be a member of the AG, please register here. The annual cost allocation in the AG Urodela is 11 Euros for members of the DGHT and 25 Euros for non-members of the DGHT and includes the bi-annual AG magazine “amphibia”.