Membership of the AG is open to all newt-enthusiasts; nevertheless we would like to point out, that members of the AG are at the same time also members of the DGHT. All members receive the AG-journal “amphibia”, which can be ordered by all DGHT members directly from the administrative office of the society. Non-DGHT members get “amphibia” from the persons in charge of the AG.

The annual fee of the AG Urodela is 11€ for DGHT members and will be directly collected by the DGHT. Please tick in the membership area AG Urodela with “yes”.

The annual fee of the AG Urodela is 25€ for non-DGHT members. Membership of the AG counts after payment for the current calender year (1st January – 31st of December). Please install a running order or transfer the amount to the following account:

Jürgen Kraushaar, AG URODELA
Kto 4301764419
BLZ 501 900 00
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
IBAN: DE73 5019 0000 4301 7644 19

If you want to become a member, please send an email with your name, address and your DGHT member number (if you have one) to

Only after the payment has arrived on the account of the AG, you are a member.
Unfortunately, we can not accept credit-cards for payment.